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Divorce is a complex subject, both personally and legally. Wisconsin divorce laws are different from almost all other states, and a family attorney/divorce attorney is professionally trained and educated to help you navigate the complex legal system. In Wisconsin, the process is governed by the state’s Marital Property Statute. The majority of other states divide property based on principles of an “equitable” or fair standard, Wisconsin views most property acquired during the marriage to be a marital asset to which both parties have an equal right. As a result, courts try to keep the division of property as close to a 50-50 split as possible. The process can be particularly difficult without the legal guidance of divorce lawyers, especially if you and your spouse have combined certain assets.

The divorce lawyers at Van Hoof & Schneider Law Firm has been committed to addressing the challenges of individuals facing divorce for more than 75 years. We understand your concerns and frustrations, and we strive to get you the resolution you need. Van Hoof & Schneider Law Firm also offers legal guidance by some of the area’s best lawyers for men and women interested in pro se/self-help. We can assist with document preparation, document review and preparation for mediation.

What assets are considered marital property?

Income and property acquired during your marriage are considered to be your and your spouse’s joint property. You each have an equal right to it when a court divides your assets during a divorce proceeding, and employing the services of a professional family lawyer/divorce lawyer can help to ensure an equitable and just distribution of assets. Income can be from many sources, including insurance proceeds, dividends and deferred employment benefits.

However, there are a few important exceptions to marital property outlined in Wisconsin law. Property not considered a marital asset includes:

  • Gifts or inheritance monies that have not been shared with your spouse
  • Income you have received from non-marital property
  • Property acquired prior to your marriage
  • Property divided by a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement with your spouse

Property division under Wisconsin’s marital property system can be confusing and complicated. Our divorce lawyers can help you understand the law and how it affects you.

Lawyers experienced at handling child custody, child support and spousal support/alimony

There are many issues related to the end of a marriage, and the legal process can take years. A divorce attorney from our law firm can handle all aspects of your divorce proceedings, including:

  • Maintenance — Commonly known as alimony or spousal support, maintenance payments are intended to benefit spouses who cannot immediately support themselves following the end of a marriage. Wisconsin courts may consider a very broad range of factors when deciding whether to award maintenance, including the length of your marriage and whether or not there is an earning discrepancy between you and your spouse. If you are concerned about spousal support/alimony following your divorce, a divorce lawyer can explain more about what to expect.
  • Child custody — During divorce proceedings, Wisconsin courts determine child custody according to the best interests of the child. However, there is a legal presumption that when determining physical placement, both parents should have regularly occurring time with the child. You must also submit a parenting plan to the court describing your and your former spouse’s responsibilities with regard to raising the child. A divorce attorney from our law firm can help you comply with these court requirements during the custody process and ensure the best possible outcome for the safety, security, and well-being of the child.
  • Child support — Courts in the Badger State have a complicated formula to determine child support, and you need a capable family attorney to advocate for your needs during the process. You may be experiencing difficulty collecting badly needed payments from your former spouse, or you may find your wages are garnished if you owe support. Our divorce lawyers help protect your rights if you are experiencing problems with child support payments.

Our firm can work with you throughout the divorce process and assist with common post-divorce issues. Our divorce lawyers have decades of experience helping families with their legal problems.

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Casey Paul Schneider obtained his Bachelor of Science, Dean’s List, 1990, from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh and his Juris Doctor, Dean’s List, 1994, from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

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